Maddi Leske :)

It seems you only notice me when I win :( 
You used to tell me when I was little “you can’t win them all Maddi”
So what is with the change of heart 

miss you daddy, I’m your little girl forever

Just trying to understand

I’m just trying to understand why… why you put in so much time and effort with everyone else and barely even bother with me. Why is it growing up you always seemed to do things that everyone else wanted. Now when I’m older a lot of my life revolves around cycling because I love it so much, so why is it that you take everyone else for a training ride except me?

I went up a grade in seniors, now that is a big thing, I not only went up a grade but I got third in a race. Yet all you could say was “eh you did alright” yet when anyone else gets off their bike you tell them how awesome they just raced. 

It seems lately I’m chasing a approval from you that I know damn well I am never going to get, and it hurts. Because I am still your little girl daddy, yes to you I may be a shadow or a burden, but to me you are still that strong amazing man that has just lost his way.